Pricing message

Our experience tells us that an average one-size fits all, off the shelf, approach to safety and pricing simply doesn’t work when it comes to delivering the best plan for your business.


Each plan needs to be tailor-made to meet the unique needs of your business and people, and can be simplified to make it more cost effective than you may think. That’s where our expertise and guidance comes in. Guaranteeing great value, we only ever give you what you really need to protect your business and its people, and nothing more. Our principal designer is fully qualified and capable of planning, monitoring and managing pre-construction sites. Our construction health and safety consultants are available across London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

We never give quotes for general Consultancy services over the phone or email. Our construction health and safety consultants always come and see you, so we can properly understand how we can help/work with you. If you have any questions regarding our processes, please contact us.

For a competitive quote for Fire Assessments and Principal Designer works, please call or email using the details below:

Thank you for all the Health & Safety guidance you provide to us regularly, it is a real help having Rob available to outsource our Health and Safety to as and when we require it given the red tape surrounding our industry this day in age. I would have no hesitation recommending Rob within the construction industry.

Matthew Gould

Director, Bold Electrical Services

I would like to thank Rob for his excellent expertise and assistance with Health and Safety issues. He was extremely efficient with answering any queries and delivering the required documents very quickly! Would certainly recommend this company and will be using these services again in the future.