General Health and Safety

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 places a “Duty of Care” on you whether you are a sole trader or an employer of hundreds, to make sure that your work activities do not adversely affect anyone whether they are working for you, a visitor to your workplace or a passer-by. Our health and safety consultants are always happy to give you a risk assessment for your site, please contact us if you have any questions.

Health and Safety policies

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 places a ‘Duty of Care’ on you whether you are a sole trader or an employer of hundreds, to make sure that your work activities do not adversely affect anyone whether they are working for you, a visitor to your workplace or a passer-by.

Having an up to date Health & Safety Statement and Policy is your first step in setting out how you will comply with this Duty of Care. If you have five or more employees (including yourself) you must have a written Policy, but even if you are smaller it is still good practice.

Our health and safety consultants can help you by writing your Policy documents and by creating a simple to understand Arrangements and Procedures document which details who is responsible for different aspects of health and safety within your organisation. It is important to understand that the Policy documents we write for you are bespoke to your Company, and are based on the people you employ and the work you do. They are also written in language you can understand.

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Case study one

Local landscaping/grounds maintenance company have been working for National Trust for many years. National Trust decided all contractors must be ConstructionLine accredited. We helped the company get accreditation which allowed them to carry on working for the Trust. We also produce construction safety plans as needed for maintenance works, this allows the company to do preliminary works for Trust car parks etc.

Driving at work

Many of us drive for work or on ‘company’ time. But it’s not just the delivery driver out on his rounds, it’s the office junior or PA who pops down to the shops to buy some stamps, the MD off to a business meeting or the Project Manager going to survey a new site…

It has been estimated that almost a third of all road traffic accidents involve someone who is driving on company business. So do you have a driving at work policy? Does it cover staff using their own vehicles? What are your liabilities if someone is driving their own car to a meeting and they have an accident? You need to protect your company by having the right policies in place backed up with the appropriate procedures. Clearwater Safety Group can help by writing your Policies and helping you create a management system to suit your business.

Asbestos surveys

All buildings constructed before 2000 should have an asbestos survey to ascertain if there are any asbestos containing materials (ACM), where they are and their condition.

Our health and safety consultants can carry out asbestos management surveys on commercial and shared areas of domestic property across Kent, Surrey, London and Sussex.

I contacted Rob last week with a Risk assessment issue. His response was immediate and highly supportive. He managed to sort our problem in super quick time and at a very competitive price. Very impressed and would highly recommend using his services. Thank you very much.

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Consultancy services

Most small to medium sized companies do not need an ‘in house’ safety person. All the Law says, is that you need access to health and safety advice, otherwise known as having a Competent Person. Nearly all of our clients use us as their nominated Competent Person either for insurance purposes or if they are applying for accreditation with CHAS/ ConstructionLine/SMAS etc or need help with other Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ’s).

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Workshops & factories

Workshops, warehouses, garages etc all have their own health and safety issues. These may include:

  • Moving vehicles
  • Flammable materials
  • Flying debris from machinery
  • Noise or fumes
  • Warehouse racking

We have experience in looking after these types of workplaces both large and small and can advise you on how best to implement safe systems of working.

Quite often vehicle workshops and garages have access for members of the public to see what is being done to their car. As the person in control, you have a duty of care to them as well as your staff or delivery drivers. To ensure the safety of everyone who may enter your premises you need to have Risk Assessments covering the workshop, the work you carry out there and the tools or equipment you use, COSHH assessments and of course the Fire Risk Assessment.

Case study two

A community centre had a new management team appointed. The new site manager was worried that he could be prosecuted over the lack of fire safety in the building. Our health and safety consultants carried out a fire assessment urgently for him, we were able to allay his fears as it was nowhere near as bad as he thought. We then put together an action plan which included the installation of a suitable detection/alarm system, and the temporary closing off of some rooms.


As part of our review of your processes and procedures we look for gaps in your training needs. These may include Manual Handling, DSE (computer use) or First Aid. We have access to a range of highly qualified and experienced trainers ( who come with excellent references) to update your staff as needed.

We have been using Clearwater Safety for the past nine years and have always found them to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  Rob carries out in-house training when required at very reasonable prices.  Any queries that we may have are always dealt with efficiently and effectively.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Clearwater Safety Group.

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