The Clearwater Safety Group provide safety risk management services to SME’s across East and West Sussex and Hampshire, through Surrey into London and Kent and Essex. We work with your management teams to protect your business and its most important assets – its people. 

Our three areas of expertise:

General Health & Safety

We can help you by writing your health & safety policy documents

Construction Safety

We can act as your safety inspectors, carrying out site inspections

Fire Safety

We carry out fire risk assessments and give you our findings & recommendations

About Rob Slater

Our Director and senior consultant Rob Slater has worked in health and safety since the early 2000’s. Before that, he spent many years in the building industry, ‘on the tools’, then in site management. It was back in the 1980’s & 90’s and his negative experiences of meeting far too many ‘elf and safety “jobsworths” that formed his “work friendly” approach. He now combines his health and safety knowledge with considerable experience of the real world, enabling him to create practical/workable solutions that allow the job to be done, while keeping the workers (and anyone else around) safe.

Rob’s personal mission/primary goal is to make sure that his clients’ staff go home safely every day.

We have been using Clearwater Safety for the past nine years and have always found them to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  Rob carries out in-house training when required at very reasonable prices.  Any queries that we may have are always dealt with efficiently and effectively.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Clearwater Safety Group.

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Mission Statement

Clearwater Safety Group firmly believe that the management and control of risks belong at the very core of all business activities. Our aim is to change the perception of Health & Safety (placing the emphasis on helping rather than hindrance), in order to protect business and prevent harm.

Compliance with health and safety law is a requirement, how we get there is a science – the Science of Compliance

As insurance brokers we often have to discuss health and safety with our clients. We are not professional Health and Safety or Risk Management advisors, so we have to signpost clients to the relevant professional. Over the years we have actively referred many clients to Clearwater. We find they offer a measured approach, not bombarding clients with reams of regulation, but guiding clients to achieve their required goals. Their director, Rob Slater, is a very down to earth person who is able to communicate clearly with clients helping them understand why it is something needs to be completed.

We have no hesitation in pointing our clients who need sensible, positive and practical health and safety advice to Clearwater Health and Safety.

Ian Mantel

Director, Manor Insurance

Dear Clients,

This is to let you know that Clearwater Safety Group will not be closing down during this current COVID-19 crisis.  In compliance with government requirements, we will not be carrying out site visits or fire risk assessments but the office will still be live.

We will still be available to give health and safety advice either by phone or email during this period. This means any of our clients who are still able to work will have access to a source of health and safety advice at all times.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients the best, remember to maintain your social distancing and we will see you on the other side.

Take care