About us

Our purpose is to inspire you to think again about the role that Health & Safety has in your business, and with the help of our practical solutions, designed to keep you working, recognise the real value Health & Safety has to play in your future success.

Our vision for safety is anything but standard.

Proactive and forward-thinking, we passionately believe that prevention is far better than cure, and that this principal should be at the core of every business to help promote safety and minimise risk. Our risk assessments method statement are available across Kent, Sussex, London, and Surrey

We are committed to providing expert guidance and practical advice that keeps your business and its people safe. If you have any questions about our risk assessments method statement, feel free to contact us.

We use our many years of real-life experience to deliver successful solutions that quickly become best practice in your business.

Our down to earth approach is loved by our clients
Here are just some of the things they’ve kindly told us:

I would like to thank Rob for his excellent expertise and assistance with Health and Safety issues. He was extremely efficient with answering any queries and delivering the required documents very quickly! Would certainly recommend this company and will be using these services again in the future.

Simon Dunning

Director, Mono Limited

Rob is a very professional and friendly person to deal with. He always responds promptly to our Health and Safety requirements. We would highly recommend his services, as his knowledge has proved invaluable over the last few years.

Susie Clark

Diirector, Cressingham Meville & Co. Ltd t/a Spazio

We are a small artisan business who contacted Rob from Clearwater Safety Solutions as we were very confused by what was and what wasn’t needed to create a Health & Safety Policy. Rob gave us a very simple and practical approach, which allowed us to get on with the business of running a business and not being drowned by paperwork. We found Rob to be very personable and knowledgeable and his professional approach meant that we were very soon up to date with all our policies.

Rob also conducted a First Aid Course and a certificate of completion for all the team, which was both informative and practical.

We would not hesitate to recommend Rob and Clearwater Safety Solutions to anyone seeking clarity in a sea of contradictions which can be health and safety!!

Anne Guy

Ouse Valley Foods


As part of our commitment to our clients to be as efficient as possible we use technology to generate reports so you get the information quickly.


When you sign up to work with the Clearwater Safety Group, you are buying into a mindset. To us, H&S is not just an ‘also ran’ something to add on. We live and breathe health and safety, and with our guidance and expertise, you will find it will go to the very core of everything your business does. Once thoroughly embedded into your company psyche you will see and reap the positive benefits. We do not want to be seen simply as an outsourced contractor. We aim to be a partner; an integral part of your business on a day to day basis. It is our intention to work with you, so together we can create a positive H&S culture within your business. The key word is ‘commitment’. We will commit to working with your management team, guiding and cajoling as needed, and in return you will commit to working to create that culture.

Values Manifesto

PRINCIPLED: From providing tried and trusted safety solutions, through to our commitment to support local causes.

UNIQUENESS: Forward thinking, our unique vision for your safety is progressive.

REALISTIC: Working with your business, not against it, our resourceful, practical approach simplifies safety.

PERSONALITY: We believe that our enthusiasm for what we do and having some fun along the way is the best way to get the most out of people.

OUTSTANDING: We go above and beyond, making sure we exceed your expectations whenever possible.

SAFEGUARD: We work closely with you as a collaborative partner to fully understand your world and safeguard your future.

EXPERTISE: Committed to providing exceptional safety guidance we combine up-to-date learning with years of real-life experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The wellbeing of people and their families are at the heart of what we aspire to do as a business, and our approach to corporate social responsibility is based on that. The Company has been a supporter of the Uckfield based Children’s Respite Trust for several years, and we have been proud to have been a sponsor of their annual masked ball since 2015.


We never give quotes for general consultancy services over the phone or email. All services are bespoke to you, as a new client we will always come and see you so we can properly understand how we can help/work with you. Our fees are then based on how much input you will need from us.