We have been using Rob Slater as our Health and Safety Consultant since August of 2011. Rob has been a source of endless knowledge in re-writing our Health and Safety Policies and assisting us greatly with all of our accreditations. He has been friendly, professional, and reliable throughout, always available to answer any questions, and always willing to help wherever he can.

Michelle Gibbins, Office Manager, Poulton Remedial Services


Many of us drive for work or on ‘company’ time. But it’s not just the delivery driver out on his rounds, it’s the office girl who pops down to the shops to buy some stamps, the MD off to a business meeting or the Project Manager going to survey a new site… It has been estimated that almost a third of all road traffic accidents involve someone who is driving on company business. So do you have a driving at work policy? Does it cover staff using their own vehicles? What are your liabilities if someone is driving their own car to a meeting and they have an accident? You need to protect your company by having the right policies in place backed up with the appropriate procedures. Clearwater Safety Group can help by writing your Policies and helping you create a management system to suit your business.