Risk Assessment – Return to Work

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All employers have a duty of care to their staff to make sure the workplace is safe. In the current climate that means ensuring staff can move around the workplace whilst maintaining social distancing as far as reasonably practicable according to HM government guidelines.

This risk assessment template has been written for those employers whose staff need to return to work and need help in ensuring the safety of their workplace. This risk assessment template is not for people who are vulnerable – a separate document has been written for that group. This is for ordinary workers without specific risk of contracting coronavirus.

It is suggested that all staff complete a questionnaire such as below either via text or email on a daily basis. Anybody who answers yes to any question should not be permitted to come to work.

Do you have  an unexplained cough that has recently started

Y/ N

Do have a temperature or feel generally unwell

Y/ N

Do you share a home with anyone who is self isolating

Y/ N

Have you knowingly come into contact with anyone who is now confirmed or suspected as being Covid 19 positive

Y/ N

All staff should have the social distancing and cleanliness measures explained to them as soon as they return to work and on a regular basis.