Risk Assessment – Lone Working Remote

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This risk assessment has been written for those people whose work takes them into buildings or locations to do surveys or similar where they are likely to be the only person in that area. Lone/remote workers have always been a high risk group of employees, and with the enforced distancing, the potential for accident has increased. Where there may have been people within the building/area, it is highly probable the surveyor/assessor will be the only person there. Even though most people have a phone on them at all times, possibility has to be considered that they may be in a phone signal ‘dead spot’, their phone may be damaged in a fall, or they may be unable to use the phone.

The single most important thing is for the lone worker to have arranged a ‘safety buddy’. This is a person who knows where the lone worker is – the address he is going to, and importantly what time he is due back. The lone worker’s buddy will know to expect a phone call at regular intervals or at a certain time as confirmation of the safety of the lone worker. This communication is vital. If the communication breaks down, it is the responsibility of the safety buddy to alert the necessary authorities. So it is very important that the lone worker remembers to make the phone call to his safety buddy at the appointed times.

The risk assessment has been pre-populated for ease of use. However the  control measures shown here are not set in stone, they are the suggestion of the author – a health and safety consultant. Add to or change them as needed to suit your own organisation.

It is recommended you keep this page as it provides a key to the risk assessment numbers, this text box can be deleted.