Return to Work 7 document set

£9.99 exc. VAT

This return to work pack has been written to provide you as an employer with a set of documents and forms to enable you to reopen your workplace.

The pack contains

  • A Statement of Intent – this is you affirming you will take the safety of your staff seriously with regards to COVID 19.
  • A health declaration form – a self-certification reminder for every employee to confirm every day that they are fit to come to the workplace.
  • Workplace instructions – a document set out as a list clearly saying what is expected from all staff.
  • Workplace rules – similar to the ‘instructions’ but with more information, a document to given to all employees.
  • Guidance notes for you/your management team on what you need to do.
  • Two partially completed risk assessment forms for ‘normal’ and ‘vulnerable’ staff. Can be used if you have staff in the vulnerable category.

The documents are all fully editable so can be altered to suit your requirements if needed.