Everyone on our construction management team values his input greatly and we have been consistently impressed by his willingness to respond quickly to our requests for advice as the works progress.

Simon Dunning, Director, Mono Limited

Office & shops

Most offices and shops will be classed as low risk work environments. However as the person /company in control of the premises you still need to ensure the safety of all those who will use them, whether they are there all day or just a few minutes.

Where you have people staying in your premises overnight maybe as a B&B guest or longer term as a Care Home resident, these would be classed as a much higher risk and would therefore need much more input.

Very often things wear out or ‘stuff’ is stored ‘just for the time being’ in passageways, and you become so used to it that you no longer see any problem. We can come in with fresh eyes and can carry out regular premises safety inspections to ensure that your workplace is as safe as you think it is or would like it to be.

Since 2005 the person in control of a building – usually the occupier, has had a legal duty to ensure that a Fire Risk Assessment is carried out and that any remedial action is taken. Clearwater Safety Group can do this for you, and then write a report detailing our findings along with the all-important ‘Action Plan’ with timescales for remedial works.