We have been using Rob Slater as our Health and Safety Consultant since August of 2011. Rob has been a source of endless knowledge in re-writing our Health and Safety Policies and assisting us greatly with all of our accreditations. He has been friendly, professional, and reliable throughout, always available to answer any questions, and always willing to help wherever he can.

Michelle Gibbins, Office Manager, Poulton Remedial Services

Health and Safety policies

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 places a ‘Duty of Care’ on you, whether you are a sole trader or an employer of hundreds, to make sure that your work activities do not adversely affect anyone whether they are working for you, a visitor to your workplace or a passer-by.
Having an up to date Health & Safety Statement and Policy is your first step in setting out how you will comply with this Duty of Care. If you have five or more employees (including yourself) you must have a written Policy, but even if you are smaller it is good practice. We can help you by writing or updating your Policy and by creating a simple to understand Arrangements and Procedures document which details who is responsible for different aspects of health and safety within your organisation.