We can act as your safety inspectors, carrying out site inspections on a pre–agreed or random schedule and write you a report detailing our findings


Construction site safety

The building industry continues to have high death and injury rates, and smaller sites such as domestic extensions are among the worst. At the moment there is no legal requirement for these smaller projects to have any external inspections, however they still need to comply with the various regulations.

Smaller projects are not exempt from HSE spot checks – the HSE can and do inspect these sites and can issue fines called Fee For Intervention (FFI) which they charge at the rate of £157 per hour if they find ‘material breaches’ of H&S Law.

Risk assessments and method statements

Many tradesmen come to us when they are asked to provide Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) for the work they are going to do on a particular site. It may be they have never been asked to provide RAMS before and they have no idea how to start, or they are repeat customers, using us to write their documentation for every job or new client. As with all our documentation the RAMS are written specifically for each client and are tailored specifically to the work you do.

CDM (Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015)

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations changed in 2015. Anything that involves building or altering a structure now falls under CDM including works to ‘domestic premises’.

One of the main requirements under CDM 2015 is the need for Clients to appoint a Principal Designer (often this is the architect) to make sure suitable Health & Safety procedures are in place.

However Architects are not normally best placed to deal with health & safety on site so this is where we come in. Formerly Registered CDM-Coordinators (RMaPS) we now act as CDM-Advisors to the Principal Designer and the Client.
We can carry out the pre-start site inspections and write the Pre-Construction Information Pack to give to your Principal Contractor/ builder, so they can factor in the health, safety and welfare requirements they are legally obliged to. We can also act as the Principal Contractor/ builder’s H&S advisor, making sure he has everything in place to run a safe project. This may include writing his Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan or carrying out site inspections.

We can offer a full CDM-A service including notifying the HSE where needed, working with your design team , making sure that health, safety and welfare has been properly factored in, writing the Pre Construction Information Pack to give to your chosen Principal Contractor, and assessing the adequacy of his Construction Health and Safety Plan.

If you are acting as Principal Contractor we can write your Construction Health and Safety Plan for submission to the Client/Principal Designer or his CDM Advisor. We can also help in assessing your chosen sub-contractors for their health and safety compliance, and reviewing the working documents supplied by them.

If required we can also monitor safety progress on site. We can write your site Risk Assessments and help with your Method Statements to ensure that you are seen as compliant by your clients. Our Risk Assessment and Method Statement forms have been developed to be very user friendly – the idea being if they are easy to use your site staff will use them. And by using them it will help create a safer working environment.

So how can we help?

We can act as your safety inspectors, carrying out site inspections on a pre–agreed or random schedule and write you a report detailing our findings. We can then work with you to help rectify any failings we find – before the HSE do! We operate a system of safety notices we can hand out to errant site workers so that any lapses can be followed up.

Online site induction

Coronavirus continues to cause us so many problems both in our ‘social’ activities – does anyone remember a social life lol, but also at work.

The Government has asked as many of us to work remotely where possible, but obviously those in the building industry cannot.

Those in charge of a building site – the Principal Contractor have a legal duty to induct everyone who enters the site so they know the safety procedures and protocols, who to go to in the event of an emergency , where they should go,
if there are any hazards they need be aware of, and of course where are the toilets and canteen/tea hut. Now in the old days – just a year ago, this was a simple thing – we just put 10-15/20 guys in a site office or canteen and gave them a talk either using flip charts or a powerpoint or whatever.

Well now of course we can’t do that- social distancing rules just won’t allow it. And often its just not practical to have the talks outside or break it down to just a few at a time.

But the inductions must be done. If you as the PC don’t hold inductions and someone is hurt, the HSE and the Courts won’t look favourably on you.

But we have a solution.

We have created an online induction course based on a real life induction, which can be tailored to your site, with your site management details, your assembly points, the location of your welfare and toilets etc and your site rules.
We will send you a private link to a You tube video, you can forward that link to your staff or sub-contractors. Then to make sure they have actually gone through it, there is a downloadable quiz at the end. They need to complete the quiz and email it back to your site manager for marking/checking. If they get the questions right they can start on site or they need to re-attend and take the quiz again. The SM then has a record of who has attended the induction.

It’s not perfect, there is nothing as good as a face to face induction, but it will show you are being proactive in trying to keep your people /subbies safe.

The cost per site is £180 + VAT.

To buy an induction course, visit our SHOP PAGE here. You can view a sample site induction there. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Once you have completed the purchase, email with the site information, site managers, first aiders etc. We will create your site induction video within 3 working days and will email you the link to the video and quiz.

Having dealt with Rob Slater of Clearwater Safety Solution on a domestic new build home project to provide CDM and Health & Safety services I would highly recommend Rob for any Health & Safety requirements.

Rob’s advice was immeasurably valuable to my client as a new property developer
unaware of the CDM and Health & Safety responsibilities put upon them. Rob made these requirements clear and guided the client through the process and provided additional support during the construction phase.

Having experienced the knowledgeable way Rob deals with any given situation I can highly recommend his services. Rob would be a valuable consultant for any potential client.

Carl Morris

Sustain Design & Developments Ltd