Having experienced the knowledgeable way Rob deals with any given situation I can highly recommend his services. Rob would be a valuable consultant for any potential client.

Carl Morris, Sustain Design & Developments Ltd

Clearwater Business

Clearwater Business specialise in creating Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery plans. It is said that no company, whether in the private or public sector can achieve its objectives and make a profit without taking risk. The only question is how much risk do they need to take?

There are everyday ‘normal’ business risks. Then there are the unexpected risks that jump out at you and whose magnitude threatens your very existence. You should consider how your business would be affected if for example, a large contract does not go to plan, if a key member of staff – or a large percentage of your workforce are taken ill at the same time – maybe due to a flu epidemic, a vital piece of machinery develops a fault or if suppliers let you down.

The weather may play a part – extreme weather may stop staff or materials getting in or out, or a big outdoor event may be rained off. And these days there may be the threat of fanatics causing disruption which in turn may affect you directly or affect how you staff get to work.

The only way to see if your business could withstand a situation like this is to test it by having an audit. Carrying out an audit on your systems will take time, and for smaller companies, diverting staff resources may not be an option. So Clearwater Business can do the audit for you. We will need your input – it is your Company after all. We will need to spend time with your management team to go through our questionnaires (based around those used by the Institute of Risk Management) which are designed to test your systems to fail. But once we know where your weak points are, we can work with you to create procedures to minimise the potential risks to your business if the unthinkable happens. Because we are experienced in risk assessment we can look at those unexpected issues you may face, and we can quantify them. Together we can then put a financial impact to the event itself and the costs of ignoring or controlling it.